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Liquid Nitrogen Delivery & Service for Agriculture, Medical Facilities, Industry and Restaurants

With a number of applications across various industries, liquid nitrogen is a stable non-toxic gas with many uses.

All of our liquid nitrogen is delivered directly to your place of business. When you buy liquid nitrogen from us, you will receive unmatched service and reliability. We can also supply Dry Ice on request.


Primarily used for storing semen and embryos, ensuring longevity for valuable stock and superior genetics. Ln2 is also applied to other areas of agriculture such as freeze branding.

Medical Facilities

Liquid Nitrogen is commonly used by medical practitioners for a wide variety of procedures. We'll replenish your storage tanks on a regular basis, so you can be assured of a constant supply.


Liquid Nitrogen is a valuable resource for the earth moving and heavy machinery industries, often applied to shrink fitting in conjunction with, or as an alternative to heat.


With culinary techniques reaching creative heights, liquid nitrogen has become one of the most fashionable items in many gourmet chefs’ kitchens. We can supply your liquid nitrogen to set your frosty desserts apart from the rest.

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"We would like to claim credit for all of this but the fact is that the improvement in our herd is down to the females we started with and bull selection, which is mostly the work of Peter Midson of Eastern Artificial Breeders.

The assistance of Pete cannot be overstated, so thanks Pete for your help and easy, friendly attitude in helping Kogo Angus come of age."

Rob and Janice McLachlan - Kogo Angus

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