Heat Detection Tags

Industry Leading AI Tags With Rub-Off Heat Detection

Developed in the USA as the World's only true Rub-Off heat detection system, A.I.TAGS™ give dairy and beef producers confidence knowing when their cows are in heat.

AI Tags for Dairy & Beef Cattle

How They Work

Unlike traditional scratch off tags that are susceptible to false positive readings, ​AI Tags will indicate when a cow is in 'mounting-heat', giving the producer adequate time to prepare for artificial insemination.

The detectors have a dark-grey, ‘Rub-Off’ surface and a bright coloured signal layer underneath. This bright colour begins to show through the grey layer after the first mounting resulting from the rubbing pressure. Additional mountings result in increased colour exposure. If the tags are applied and timely observed, there is zero chance of a false reading!

Optimum heat detection results in more pregnancies, which greatly improves your profitability! Whether used for AI, embryo transplant or natural breeding purposes, knowing when your cows are in heat is important!

Application Instructions

Watch the video below to see a demonstration of the patch application.

Keep AI tags at body temperature

Step 1

Keep the tags at body temperature before applying them.

Brush the cow before applying the AI tags

Step 2

Use a rubber brush to remove dust, dirt, and loose hair.

Wipe the brushed area

Step 3

Wipe the area with a clean cotton cloth to remove any remaining particles.

Apply the AI Tag

Step 4

Apply the patch.

Insemination Timeline Guide

Follow the below AI tag guide to identify when your cows are in heat.

AI Tag Do Not Inseminate - Not In Heat

Not in heat

AI Tag Inseminate in 12 hours

Inseminate in 12 hours

AI Tag Inseminate in 3-6 hours

Inseminate in 3-6 hours

AI Tag Inseminate immediately

Inseminate immediately

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