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Choosing the right genetics for your herd has never been easier. With access to Australia's and the World's leading providers of dairy and beef semen, you'll be able to reliably improve the value of your livestock.

Genetics That Improve Herd Quality

Working directly with dairy and beef producers, all with varied breeding objectives, we understand the individual challenges and requirements specific to the customer and the regions we serve. With access to all breeds from local, national and international sires, we’ll work with you to identify and procure sires that will achieve the results you are aiming for.

Genetic improvement results are extremely diverse, but some common examples are:

High Fertility

Bull semen with high fertility to improve conception rates

Calving Ease

The ability to choose bulls to use on maiden heifer synchrony programmes


Improve overall temperament resulting in greater ease when managing herds  

Milk Production

Produce higher quality milk with increased fat and protein and lower somatic cell count

Carcass Quality

Improved muscle and fat score in your beef herd

Providing Semen For All Dairy & Beef Breeds In Australia

We have access to the widest range of top quality sires from the best companies, worldwide. Sourcing semen for all dairy and beef breeds in Australia, we have the experience and knowledge to find the right sires for your enterprise.

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Reliable & Friendly Service You Can Count On

"We would like to claim credit for all of this but the fact is that the improvement in our herd is down to the females we started with and bull selection, which is mostly the work of Peter Midson of Eastern Artificial Breeders.

The assistance of Pete cannot be overstated, so thanks Pete for your help and easy, friendly attitude in helping Kogo Angus come of age."

Rob and Janice McLachlan - Kogo Angus

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